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On The FrontLines Magazine is dedicated to profiling the people and programs advancing innovation and best practices in government.

Each interactive, digital magazine is dedicated to one topic and brings you indepth, informative and timely information in print, on video and through audio. Download a PDF containing videos and links to websites and white papers by thought leaders from government and the private sector. 

2013 OTFL Magazine Calendar

·     January/February -- NITAAC Contract Guide 2013

·   March - Big Data

·   April - Cybersecurity In Government

·   April/May - Mobility in Government

·    May/June - Geospatial Applications

·   June/July - Cloud Computing In Government

·   July/August- Data Center Consolidation

·   August/September - SEWP Contract Guide

   Spetember/October - Healthcare IT In Government 2013


• October/November - Big Data


• November/December - Cybersecurity


• December/January - Sustainability In Government



Read, download and share these interactive, digital magazines dedicated to advancing innovation and best practices in government.

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